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What is fire retardant?

The Phos-Chek brand of long-term fire retardant started in 1962 and has been in use ever since.

Is fire retardant safe?

Is fire retardant safe?

Yes, fire retardant is safe. Multiple studies have been performed by independent researchers and have determined that it is safe for people, animals, vegetation and structures. In addition, after the fire has burned forest, the fertilizers in the retardant help new trees to grow. Here is a link to a long term study that reports the safety.

What is fire retardant used for?

Fire retardant is used to build containment lines near the edge of the fire, or in advance of where the fire will be. Retardant is reliable, cost effective. It can be used for both direct and indirect attack.

Is fire retardant better than water?

Retardant is better than water for several reasons. It is a water enhancer. Regular water will mist or will steam before it reaches the fire and before it reaches vegetation. It is highly visible across nearly all fuel types and substances. It will retain its effectiveness long after it dries and the water evaporates. Long-term fire retardant will remain on vegetation and effective with up to 1/4" of rain

How can I find out about current fires?

There are many websites to keep track of fires and evacuation orders. Here are a few:
Cal Fire
Wild Fire Incidents
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